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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What else can you do with candleholders?

Hello again from The French Hen's Nest

On a recent trip to GW I picked up this beautiful candle holder for $4.00, intending to fill it with glass ornaments at Christmas. 

 I have tried to pick up plenty of containers for this purpose since it is an easy and beautiful (and inexpensive) way to add sparkle at Christmas when you just can’t stop decorating (anyone else like this?). 
Well I sat it on my coffee table and was trying to think of what else I could fill it with- artificial lemons, pinecones, shells? Yes shells!  After cleaning the price tag gum off (I usually forget this step…) I retrieved one of my baskets of shells from the deck.  I have plenty of shells on hand since I discovered long ago not to just pick up the perfect and pretty ones off the beach.  Once you get home and dump them in a basket or bowl, they all look pretty.  I put a couple of handfuls of shells in the bottom of the glass container.  There was a little sand in there too but I just left it since it just adds to the “natural” look (besides I wasn’t dumping them out and starting over). 

It needed a wow shell and I didn’t want to take from the other container I keep on my mantle, so I put it aside to come back to later. 

On my next trip to GW (ok the next day!), I founda cute basket with a large starfish glued to the front!  I examined the starfish and it looked like it would be easy to remove from the basket.  $2.00 for the basket and home I went to finish my shell project.
Well let me tell you it was stuck.  I haven’t used Gorilla Glue but I think this must be it for sure.  By now I was liking the basket too and didn’t want to break it taking off the starfish.  I finally sat it on the deck in the sun to see if the heat would soften the glue. Since it was 100 degrees out it was soft in about an hour and off came the starfish (with a box cutter and lots of elbow grease).  I just laid the starfish on top of the other small shells and I think it looks beautiful.

…and here is the little basket.  I couldn’t resist- I glued shells to the front where I removed the starfish.

And guess what I'm storing in it...

That's right - seashells!

Don’t forget to gather these containers and fill them with ornaments at Christmas.  Shop the Dollar Tree for ornaments in any color and size for $1.00 box.
God bless you and have a Beautiful day!

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