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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easy Ivy Topiary

Hello again from the French Hen's Nest The French Hen's Nest

This is one of the first posts that I wrote in 2013, I believe.  But with spring on the way, (it's here but still cold) it's a good time to get started.  
If you like topiaries, this is an easy and inexpensive one to make. They are rather expensive to buy, but I'll tell you how to create one yourself, inexpensively.

The forms are easily made, my favorites (the easiest) are a circle, and heart shape. To make them, I use wire coat hangers, I use the darker ones, but you can spray paint the lighter ones. First untwist the hanger at the hook part and straighten out the wire, especially the corners. Once it's fairly straight (doesn't have to be perfect) you can shape it into whatever shape you want. Leave six inches, the hook part, to anchor it into the pot.

Do you have Ivy in your yard? Great! if not maybe a neighbor has some to spare. Choose your pot, plain or fancy, both will look great. Make sure it is at least 6" or more. Now we have a pot, soil, and about 8 pieces of ivy.

We're ready to go: Fill pot with potting soil, leaving an inch at the top, push the form in as far as you can, and grab the ivy. Plant one piece at at time, starting at the center. Plant one on the right side, another on the left. Wrap the form with the ivy, round and round you go, not to tightly. Plant and wrap until you like the way it looks. Hope you enjoy your topiary. They make lovely gifts as well.

Have fun, let me know how it turns out, would love to see a pic.  Oh, don't forget to water.

Till nest time,
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  1. I have a lot of ivy in my yard and never thought of making a topiary, how dumb am I? Thanks for the great idea!

    1. They are so easy too, if you can find the wire hangers. They are easy to manipulate into whatever shape you want. Hope that yours turns out great.


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