I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.
Philippians 4:13

Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Angel By My Side

Hello Again From The French Hen's Nest,
  The other day I blogged about an angel that I had bought from a thrift store, and while I was writing about her, I began to think about my encounter with an angel. I think all of us meet an angel on occasion, someone that helps us in someway, when we really need it, and  it is quite unexpected.  Well, that is exactly what my angel did for me, only with so much love and compassion.

  About seventeen years ago, I was in a car accident, an eighteen wheeler rear ended my little foreign made car. I didn't realize it at the time, but my neck had a few fractures. I didn't want surgery, but the pain was so excruciating that there was no choice. My cervical spine, or neck, needed to have three fusions. It was a long surgery, and once they finished, they realized there was a problem and had to go back in. The anesthesia that they had given to me had made me really ill. My eyes were closed, and I could not open them no matter how hard I tried. My throat was so swollen that I could hardly swallow a little water, which would come right back up and soak my gown over and over. I was soaking wet, shivering cold, and couldn't page a nurse when I needed one, because I could not open my eyes.

  Finally around midnight, a nurse came to see me, she changed my gown, got some warm blankets for me, you know how cold hospitals are, and told me, I'm going to stay with you through the night. I'll be right here to help you. And then she pulled up a chair, and sat close to me. It felt great to know someone was there to help me, I could feel her presence, and I was so thankful. She was wonderful, every time I was sick, and they were numerous, she would wash my face, and put a clean gown on me, and make sure I was comfortable. I was wearing a hard neck brace that goes down your back, and down your chest, so it was challenging to say the least.

  Hours later, I still couldn't open my eyes, but I tried and tried because I wanted to know who this dedicated and saintly nurse was. Finally, just for a split second I was able to see her face. She had a round face, short curly hair, and wore glasses. She would be easy to find when I was feeling better. I finally fell asleep, and when I awoke in the morning she was gone. I would never forget the gentleness, and kindness she showed me, and I couldn't wait to thank her.

  A few days later, when I was able to whisper, I walked to the nurses station to find her. I asked the nurses if they knew who she was. They said there wasn't a nurse that fit that description on any of the shifts, and that there was no way possible for a nurse to sit with me through the night.  Are you sure, I asked.  We're sure, we are way too busy for that.  Not that I didn't believe them, but when the shift changed, I did it again, and got the same response from them.

  So who was that in my room?  She didn't have wings, and she wasn't dressed in white.  In fact, she looked very ordinary, but she had the love and compassion that only an angel could share.  Today I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was my guardian angel, and still is. God is so good.
  I'm sure many of you have angel stories to tell, and we would love to hear them.

 Till next time, May your angel be at your side,


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  1. I believe God sends his angels to watch over us. Your angel was certainly God sent. What a touching story, Jeannie. He has watched over me and my family through many tring times.

    1. Thank you Sylvia, I couldn't get up in the morning, if I didn't have Him to lean on. I think you know what I mean. Have a great evening. Jeannie

  2. I loved hearing about your angel. What would we do without our guardian angel? I know mine has saved me from car accidents to life threatening situaions. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Dearest Georgia, Thank you so much, and I'm so happy you enjoyed my story. I'm quite sure that your angel is one of the busiest in heaven. And I, for one am so happy that your guardian angel is by your side. Love, Jeannie

  4. What a great story! After my last visit to see my dying grandmother my sister and I had gone browsing in a gift and trinket store. While in there a song about angels came on the radio. For the duration of the song I only saw angels - angel cards, angel statuettes, etc. After the song was over, things were back to normal. It was wonderful. Fast forward three years, I saw angels for months. Daily references to angels that I wasn't seeking out. I knew that my angel was communicating with me and I was very scared about what was going to happen. My father died suddenly about a month after this started. It continued for a few months afterward. I know without a doubt now that God and His angels exist and are with me <3

    1. Hello Christine, It's great that you know when your angel is communicating with you, and knowing that someone is watching over us. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Jeannie

  5. Lovely blog! Returning the follow on gfc. I look forward to reading more and getting you know you guys better!

    1. Hello Paula, thank you so much, we also look forward to knowing you better. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Jeannie

  6. Good Afternoon Jeannie, What a moving and interesting story. The only way I can relate to this is when my father died. Sadly he died very suddenly at the age of 64 years. It was very traumatic as I was at work when I was told, so it fell to me to let the family know, care for my mother, comfort my distressed brother and sister, plus deal with my own emotions. By the evening I was thoroughly exhausted. I went upstairs and ran a bath, and just lay there, feeling very numb. My father had sadly lead a troubled life and I always worried about him, but in that moment laying in the bath, I can only describe what felt like a "huge gentle wave" spread through my body and I suddenly understood why my father was the way he was, everything seemed to be explained without words and I had such a strong feeling that now he was ok. I can't explain it, I have never felt anything like this before, but it was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. I like to feel it was my father letting me know he was ok. What do you think? Best Wishes Daphne

  7. I love your story - and have had a few experiences that let me know God is working all around us. You will get to meet your angel again one day. Thanks for your visit to my blog - I'm excited to find you and will check back tonight...
    -Revi - www.revisionarylife.blogspot.com

  8. Your story touched me, I'm glad I happened upon it. I've had a difficult life. But even through an abusive marriage I was blessed with 5 amazing, happy, children, one of which I lost not long ago at the tender age of 17 yrs. Me and my son we're extremely close as I had just recently gone through a terrible divorce, he was killed suddenly from an accidental gunshot wound while hunting, he was alone and we didn't find him for 10 days. It was needless to say the hardest thing I've ever, and still go through daily. I feel now that he is my Guardian Angel and as much as I would rather have him here with me, I have seen proof of how and also how many times he has helped us from the other side more than he could of here.(though of course I would much rather have him here) His awareness of his family members, their needs? Not long before he past He even had said himself how much it bothered him following a crisis that he was unaware of someones need for him to be there for them and now...I believe he can know and believe he can be there for us and help us whenever we need him. This is probably my only comfort..losing a Child is beyond what words can describe. Thank You for your story and the opportunity to tell mine. Melinda mxmomma05@yahoo.com

  9. What a beautiful story. I'm so glad you shared it. I, too, believe there are angels around us all the time. And I believe that nurse really was your angel. They don't look like cherubs, they look like common people but have an uncommon purpose. :)


    1. You are so right Meredith, it is such a comfort to know we have God and his angels to help us navigate through life. Always knowing our needs before we do.
      Blessings to you, Jeannie

  10. Oh, How I loved reading about your timely visitation by your guardian angel. I know that these things happen because scripture speaks of entertaining angels. I am convinced that when we get to heaven we will finally meet those angelic beings. God is so good to us and sends us help when we most need it!

    Thank you for sharing and for adding me to your list of great blogs. I am still so new at blogging that I am deeply humbled.
    Blessings to you both!
    Carolynn xxx

    1. Good evening Carolynn, Thank you for your kind words. I'm so happy that you enjoyed my story. If ever I needed an angel, it was then. And you are right, God is so good. We are happy to have you on our list. Blessings to you, Jeannie


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